Lady Gaga - 911 (Short Film)

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing 911. © 2020 Interscope Records


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  2. Viviana Ottos Tuncar

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  3. Music Lover

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    This woman is a genius, which is why she is so attacked by fans of other artists is pure envy of this woman's magnificent talent. and it must be awful to hate Gaga right? Because she is wonderful and has many talents that other artists dream of having

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    People who disliked this video clearly are not able to comprehend this awesomeness

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    Lets be honest, you didn't just find this masterpiece in your recommended😏

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    I love yoooouuuuu

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    Free woman is coming

  12. Viviana Ottos Tuncar

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    Fans monster no paren de comentar En cuánto el video tenga mas comentarios sera mas recomendado y tendra mas vistas

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    Pero comenten distintas cosas y no lo mismo

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  15. Covid Nineteen

    Covid Nineteen5 timmar sedan

    I love it. This is something new, exciting and different. Gaga nailed it up as usual❤️

  16. Luis Garcia

    Luis Garcia5 timmar sedan

    This song makes me feel how I feel and I don't want to be my bigest enemy anymore.

  17. Alexandre Júnior

    Alexandre Júnior5 timmar sedan

    I Love this💚

  18. Stefan Mero

    Stefan Mero6 timmar sedan

    Some pretty confronting imagery if you replay it. A man hitting his head against a pillow repeatedly, replaying a crash into an airbag, a severely injured patient mummified, spasming over a broken foot treatment then queued for death by firing executioner. No wonder it says LG lied at the end. Is the point that missing your drug of choice makes life seem abysmal? And it's actually much more horrible than that. The head against the pillow guy is blanketed for death. The mummified body is neck pinched.

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    This video really deserves to hit the 1 billion views

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  26. Drift King

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    Watch this when you are high

  27. Emily Liston

    Emily Liston17 timmar sedan

    So this song is about 2 words "Mental illness". Where did she get the auto tune?

  28. Emily Liston

    Emily Liston17 timmar sedan

    Wait! Was that a female pope?

  29. Marliza López

    Marliza López18 timmar sedan

    The best!, forevaaaaaaa 💕💕

  30. Mateusz Domski

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    Disgusting as always. Bootx isn't helping her either.

  31. TheGoofyDino

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    Gaga is queen

  32. Marcelo Vieira

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    que demora pra chegar em 60mi

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  34. Jay Lee

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    Thats a cracking tune. One for my next mix.

  35. VoceFuoriCampo

    VoceFuoriCampo21 timme sedan

    Con stupid love e questa lady Gaga diventa la numero 1 per le giostre

  36. Sarah Flanagan

    Sarah Flanagan21 timme sedan

    Reminds me so much of the visual style in the movie “The Fall”!

  37. Paola Martinez

    Paola Martinez22 timmar sedan

    Fan de la shakira apoyando, agradezco mucho el apoyo a lo hecho está hecho (✷‿✷)(✷‿✷)(✷‿✷)

  38. Viviana Ottos Tuncar

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    Apoyemos a 911 para que entre a los billboard hot 100

  39. Sttephany SB

    Sttephany SB22 timmar sedan

    The way she screams at the end is so real that I can feel the emotional pain... this is the power of art.

  40. JASR

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    Haganle stream a esta maravillosa cancion :(

  41. crack

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    Comentario en español

  42. serkan güvendi

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    beautiful one song thoughtful

  43. Peter Jongsma

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    Steven Klein.

  44. Tuur Cuypers

    Tuur CuypersDag sedan

    Uhmmmm i don’t like this song

  45. Arnold Nicholaus

    Arnold NicholausDag sedan

    The acting in the end could win an Oscar.

  46. Evan Landgraff

    Evan LandgraffDag sedan

    Absolutely brilliant!

  47. Anonymouse 777

    Anonymouse 777Dag sedan

    Isn't this song based on an actual car accident she was involved in?? That's so amazing, confronting a near death experience and coming up with a whole damn bop :()

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    59 576 818

  49. Nanno dancing random songs

    Nanno dancing random songsDag sedan


  50. Nanno dancing random songs

    Nanno dancing random songsDag sedan

    Keep streaming

  51. Bleek

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    Always a wondeful wild ride with Lady Gaga..keep us guessing my Lady

  52. Mason Ahn

    Mason AhnDag sedan

    02:30 is that Geralt's necklace?

  53. J E Y M S Y

    J E Y M S YDag sedan

    2:16 Can we talk about the glimpse of the ending scene from this part?!! *Play it with the slowest speed (at 0.25x)

  54. d k

    d kDag sedan

    just stop with yours satanic propaganda!!!! To bad you sold your soul and you and other satans slaves will never win!!!! Their is only one God! In the name of The Fader and The Son and The Holy spirit!Amin!!!!

  55. Joshua

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    What kind of fairy tale is that?

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  57. Emmet MC namara

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    Don't go to college in Farnham, especially if your irish

  58. Jordyn Baby Woods

    Jordyn Baby WoodsDag sedan

    This is my favorite music video of Lady Gaga’s so far! What an amazing vision! ✨😭

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    I like Lady Gaga from Thailand.

  63. Luis Melicor

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    one of gaga's best music videos

  64. Miko Paalan

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    Why did y'all let this video flopped?😭

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    59,540,554 vistas

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    its all gonna end in accident

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    100M sigamos si se puede!!! 💪

  69. AFJ

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    She is for sure the next Madonna, she has all and she is the kind of royal pop artist who left a mark un pop culture.

  70. AFJ

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    @Ana María Quispe Flores I talk about the popularity.

  71. Ana María Quispe Flores

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    She's not the next Madonna, she is GAGA.

  72. Jefferson Araújo hahah muito bom

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    LADY GAGAAAAAAAA❤❤❤🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸

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    Nose hablar en inglés pero algo se pero no tanto

  74. Giuliana Sayavedra

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    Hola como están está re buena la canción

  75. Giuliana Sayavedra

    Giuliana SayavedraDag sedan

    Me gusto nose como Leydi gaga tiene tanta imaginación para hacer canciones expertaculares

  76. Mario sergio

    Mario sergioDag sedan

    lady gaga you are a very beautiful singer in your songs, since the day i met on yutube i can't get enough of watching your videos, all beautiful, perfect.

  77. Jesus Angel Mejia Bautista

    Jesus Angel Mejia BautistaDag sedan

    Great job! I love everything in special the ending was emotional for me. ❣️😍👌

  78. Paola Martinez

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    Fan de la shakira apoyando, les agradezco mucho el apoyo a lo hecho está hecho ( ˘ ³˘)❥✷✿

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    soy fan de Michael Jackson y Lady Gaga sin duda alguna leyendas ♡︎

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    Tinistas apoyando!!! Vamos x los 100M.

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    This is the definition of masterpiece

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    Queen Lady Gaga 911

  84. Ashaliyeva Marie

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    This is easily my favorite thing Gaga has ever made. I was so caught off guard by the ending- not what I was expecting or thinking of in the slightest. Brought tears to my eyes. I interpreted it as a near death experience; everything happening in the musical portion was all in her mind just before they revived her. This was beautiful, emotionally raw, and soul shaking. I love it. And I love love love Lady Gaga!!! 💗😭💗

  85. finno!

    finno!2 dagar sedan

    wtf is up at 2:17 edit: go onto 0.25 speed and see what i mean

  86. Yackeline mejia alvarez

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  87. Inga Hovoyan

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    The fact that this music vidio is about Armenia 😍

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    Free woman is coming

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    The earrings are so pretty

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    60 Mi

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    59 501 228

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    one of the best videos of the history

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    Intro de Baby Shark?

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    esquecido no churrasco putz

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    911 🤧🤒🧑‍⚕️

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    real art short film And little monsters need a Swine MV!!!

  100. 27 Prabhjot 10 Anthurium

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    I search 911 ee ee

  101. James Piji Bulactiar

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    I think Gaga will win Video of the Year at 2021 VMAs :)

  102. ROXIEJULoL wtf

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    yes, and a grammy for best mv

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    У меня двоякое отношение к этому видосу. Оно вызывает и негативные, и позитивные эмоции одновременно. Скажу честно, песня зацепила. Классная. И клип красивый. Вот только слегка расистский, взять хотя бы как нелепо показан молящийся. Но, как говорится, всем угодить невозможно.

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    a masterpiece

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    LADY GAGA 911

  107. Matias Valenzuela

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    This reminds me of that tragedy.